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It’s time for a city that moves faster, breathes easier, and works better. Congestion Pricing will dramatically reduce traffic in the Congestion Relief Zone, transforming the area from gridlocked to unlocked. Less traffic means cleaner air, safer streets, and better transit.

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A toll to
reduce gridlock

Starting June 30, 2024, vehicles entering the Congestion Relief Zone in Manhattan — local streets and avenues at or below 60 Street — will be charged a toll.


The toll will result in 100,000 fewer vehicles entering the zone every day, relieving crowding in what is today the most congested district in the United States.

The true cost of gridlock


Project updates

Read the NEPA Re-evaluation

On June 14, 2024, FHWA found that no additional environmental analysis is warranted for the adopted toll structure.

Discount and exemption applications are now available

Eligible vehicle owners can now apply for exemptions and discounts on the Congestion Relief Zone toll. Details are available about eligibility, documentation requirements, and how to apply


Learn about the toll structure

Toll amounts depend on the type of vehicle, time of day, applicable crossing credits, and payment method.

Learn more about toll rates

Congestion Pricing transit improvements

Congestion Relief Zone toll revenue will fund $15 billion in capital improvements to the MTA network.

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The Central Business District Tolling Program is temporarily paused pending necessary approvals.

The Congestion Relief Zone will launch at a later date. Check back for updates.

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